Dear Johnny,

 Back in 1967 I was the manager for the group "The Ones" who were really my high school buddies living in Lansing Michigan, about 90 miles west of Detroit. We used to do gigs on the weekends at teen clubs all over Michigan doing all the latest Motown tunes as well as many other popular R & B and soul tunes of the time. One day we decided to cut one of our original tunes in a local two track recording studio.  We had the 45rpm records pressed on our own label and took them around to the local radio stations in Lansing. Before we knew it, the record started climbing up the charts in Lansing and soon thereafter other radio stations across Michigan started playing the record as well.  The record went all the way up the charts to number one all over Michigan including both the big Detroit radio stations, C.K.L.W. & W.K.N.R. We received a lot of attention from many of the major record companies but waited for our chance to sign with Motown.  We went on promotional tours with many Motown acts including Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  The Ones consisted of four teenage guys, Kevin Nicholoff on bass, his brother Kerry Nicholoff on Hammond B-3, Mark Boomershine - drums and Danny Hernandez guitar and lead vocal.  The Ones were the first non-black group to sign with Motown and the first independent record master ever to be purchased by Motown Records. I could go on with pages and pages about The Ones and Motown, but I thought you might be interested in a brief history.  I still can't believe that you found the record in the first place, it's a rarity.  Danny Hernandez passed away a couple of years ago and the other three guys still live in Lansing and we are still friends and see each other from time to time.
Best regards,
James R. Joseph