Like many other groups from the early 1950s the story of The Platters is a complex one that is compounded because of the groups immense popularity. The group was developed around the voice of lead singer Tony Williams by Buck Ram (great name) ex musical arranger for big bands like: Basie, Ellington, Dorsy, Calloway and Miller, who had a degree in law and had also studded music at university. The group, a quartet, already existed before Buck Ram decided to work with them, and on them, in 1953 after a couple of changes in the line up Ram, secured them a deal with Federal records, the group at this time consisted of Tony Williams, David Lynch, Alex Hodge and Herb Reed. At the first session with Federal the group cut several sides one of which was the now legendary Only You. Syd Nathan of Federal records didn't like the song and refused to issue it, it wasn't till the group signed with Mercury and re-recorded the song that it was eventually released, even that was touch and go as Buck Ram had to play piano on the session to get it onto wax. The record was released in November 1955, six months latter it hit the No.1 R&B and No. 5 Pop charts, and the rest is history. It was originally issued Mercury 70633 backed with Bark, Battle and Ball; to cash in Syd Nathen also rushed his long forgotten recording out on Federal 12244.

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