The version of Israelites that was issued in the UK on the Pyramid label differs ever so slightly from the Jamaican release, non the less it is a top tune even if it has lost some of its glory through over playing. The lyrics are an unflinching critique of a slavish existence that is suffered by many millions throughout the world, the lot of who has changed very little since the song was written almost forty years ago, even though there is the ritual, annual posturing and posing of politicians proclaiming ever new methods of salvation for those wretched people (this ritual is usually performed by British politicians in Africa). In truth it is done more to give some kind of moral and virtuous boost to their own profile and to garner 'black' votes in their home country. This is borne out by, if nothing else, the simple fact that nothing ever seems to change as a result of what the politicians do, but change is more as a result of what the people themselves do.

 The above release with a JJ imprint and a Pyramid catalogue number is one of several that were issued in this format, the Pyramid label was issued in the UK by Island/Doctor Bird records, so some criss crossing was inevitable. For those interested there are two pressings one with a hand written master number PYR 6058 in the dead wax, and these handwritten ones are the first they have A 1 after the catalogue number; the second pressings have the same PYR 6058 but this is stamped and it is followed by A 2 P. See illustrations below.

An early 'blank' label pressing with the PYR 6058 A 1 matrix.

A  regular Pyramid issue with PYR 6058 A2 P in the run off.

While on the subject of Pyramid; some, I think very few, were issued with this company sleeve: This is Mother Pepper's original sleeve.