Revolution comes from the Latin revolutio which means a turn around, a significant change that usually occurs in a short period of time, in the West our great Left wing governments have instituted a 'permanent revolution' to satisfy the masses need for change. A permanent revolution (showing on a television near you)  is the very antithesis of  a revolution, and is therefore no revolution at all, making the terms 'leftist' and 'revolution' mutually exclusive.  At one time, in England, the idea of the political left was for the benefit of the working class, one of its stated aims was to remove the elitist ruling dynasties that passed the reigns of power from generation to generation excluding a place at the legislative decision making table to those members of the working class (exactly like the present five generations of The Rt Hon., Wedgwood-Benn's). Then during the 1950s and 60s its political ideology underwent a transformation regarded as 'the new left' in favor what became known as 'cultural politics': anti-racism, feminism, gay rights and environmentalism, and while every one of these causes is eminently worth while, the welfare of the working class still needed political representation. A further shift away from the social and economic welfare of the working class' came in the 1980s with the rise of Neo-Liberal global economics, the political Left in Britain then twisted itself into what it called 'Third Way'. Adopting the brand name 'New Labour' it set a course that in essence was a Neo-Liberal free market approach to the economy, which was as about as far from a socialist position as to make it into, what at one time would have been seen as, a right wing political party; the only difference was that, when in power, it couldn't be seen to champion a guiding principle of top down free market economics, so, with a centralized and paranoid state's iron rule - a feature of all extreme leftist governments in the 20th century, and indecently the catholic church in the dark ages - it stealthily malformed itself, inside the EU, into a mini totalitarian state. 

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