Whether it's party, faction, side, denomination, communion, set, crew, band, horde, posse, phalanx: family, clan, community, body, fellowship, solidarity; fraternity; brother-, or, sister-hood. knot, gang, clique, ring, circle, team; coterie, club, casino. corporation, corporate body, guild; establishment, company; firm, house; society, association; institute, institution, union, league or alliance, clanship or family is very much part of our lives, but it has to be state sanctioned. What the authorities do not like is unofficial bodies of people, associations like the recent; 'Fathers For Justice', or any number of anti state or capital protest groups, simply because they pose a potential threat to the status quo, that is the hierarchical class ridden structures of power. The Mafia, or Cosa Nostra (in Italian meaning literally 'Our thing') is the name of a  secret organization which evolved in Sicily in the mid-19th century. According to the Wikipedia: " Mafia was the name of a specific society in Sicily, yet the word itself has no pin-pointed historical birthplace. In the original Palermo dialect the word 'mafioso' once meant 'beautiful', 'bold' or 'self-confident'. Anyone who was worthy of being described as a mafioso therefore had a certain something, an attribute called 'mafia'. 'Cool' is about the closest modern English equivalent; a mafioso was someone who fancied himself." It is as an instrument of local government that the mafia has always been useful to the powers in  Rome. The mafia could often deliver all 40 or so states on the island to whichever political party it chose to support. It was during these formative years that the mafia inter-twined itself with all aspects of life in Sicily: commerce, trade, politics and law enforcement have all been tools of the mafia at some time or another. It was a 'Scottish Mafia' that usurped political power in Britain during the prosperous years of the early 1990s, and, like the very beginnings of the Sicilian Mafia, were initially working on behalf of the wealthy capitalist landowners  protecting their large estates of lemon and orange groves, this Scottish Mafia known as 'New Labour' legislated to implement the social and physical structures necessary for the post industrial economy; and just as the landowners in Palermo needed the mafia, and the mafia needed the landowners, New Labour worked on behalf of global capital and global capital supported Neo Liberalism. 

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