A song full of helpful social advice produced by the creative Keith Hudson, this record begins with the remark from Alton Ellis, "Wha'pen Bongo? Bowy, illiteracy hurts, boy". When this record was recorded the perspective from a British point of view could have been that illiteracy was something that no longer had a place in British society, far less in education. This is now no longer the case as many young adults are now leaving the 'education' system, after having been in it for some twelve years, still unable to perform the basic literacy needs of employment. The fault of this lies squarely in the hands of the government who have taken control and interfered with education policy to such an extent as to render it incapable of performing these most basic requirements. This is from a mob who have by and large enjoyed the most privileged and elitist of educations; and others, who seek to destroy the very systems that they benefited from. Not only that these same people choose to send their progeny to the very schools they say they are against. State education has long been a double edged sword for the working classes; as it gives access to knowledge and stimulates mental development, while at the same time it shapes children into consumers, future workers - at a specific level of employment, and inculcates in them a particular form of social obedience. The reason why I bother to mention this at this point is the latest insult from our duplicitous government delivered by it's newest foul servant, one pork mouthed swamp donkey, another upper class and patronising member of the elite, who was educated at the very elite Sutton High School, Westminster College, Oxford University and the LSE, this same pushy climber of the greasy pole is forcing ever more state control on the children and in the lives of the stupid, and the hard working public by opening up state schools (not their children's schools) for something like ten hours a day. Fortunately for the multitude this particular member of the ruling classes, and, it is said, one of its more obnoxious organisations in the 'work of god', is carrying a lot of 'baggage' which could well be the thing that has got her this far and be the undoing of her unusual and swift rise to power. . . .  . but who knows where this present drift back into the religious fanaticism of the dark ages will lead us, if the likes of her manage to hold and consolidate power.

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